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Dear Caltech Community,

Caltech Dining Services remains committed to supporting our community in both significant and subtle ways. Our dedicated team of nearly 70 passionate employees takes pride in the work we do, the service we provide, and the relationships we build.

While our kitchens operate as production powerhouses, catering to our campus community seven days a week, the intimate size of our campus allows us to make impactful changes. Recognizing the diversity of our campus, we take pleasure in creating menus that embrace our multicultural and diverse community, accommodating various dietary preferences and choices. Your feedback, concerns, kind kudos, and compliments are invaluable to us. We are excited to announce some upcoming improvements for this term:

  1. Halal Certified Chicken: We now proudly serve halal certified chicken at all our dining units. Almost all made-from-scratch chicken menu items will utilize halal certified chicken. Non-halal chicken items, which are not made from scratch, will be clearly labeled.
Exceptions include:
Browne Dining Hall Non-Halal Chicken:
Mongolian Station – Mongolian chicken option
-Grill Station – Chicken tenders
-Friday's 101 Station – Chicken Philly sandwich (when offered)
-Comfort Station – Orange chicken, lemongrass chicken, General Tso's chicken (when offered)
UG House Dinner Non-Halal Chicken:
Entrée Station – Orange chicken, chicken tenders, mini chicken corn dogs (when offered)
Red Door Marketplace, Broad Café:
These units exclusively serve halal certified chicken on their menu.
  1. Pork Free Prep (PFP) Option: Introducing our "PFP" option at all dining units starting Tuesday, January 16, 2024.
PFP stands for "Pork Free Prep" allowing customers to request their meals be prepared "pork-free" at the time of order. This ensures their food has not come in contact with any pork product or pork-contaminated surface.
  1. Plant-Based Menu: Get ready for our new plant-based menu!
We're developing a whole food plant-based station at Browne Dining Hall, opening by the end of January.

For any questions, feedback, or concerns, please reach out to us at If you're currently on our Special Meals Program and wish to opt-out, kindly send us an email.

We look forward to serving you with these exciting updates!

Best regards,
Caltech Dining Services

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