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Isolation Menu Order Form

Welcome to Caltech Dining Services in isolation! We're here to make sure your recovery is made easier with fresh made meals delivered daily! We've put together a simple menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For detailed menu options, click here!

Please use the order form below to set your daily meal preferences. You can make changes to your order daily, or choose to received the same menu items for your entire stay. To update your choices, please be sure to submit a new form by 5pm the day prior to your next meal date.

Please be sure to note any food allergies or dietary restrictions at the bottom of the form.

Weekend Meals will be delivered on Friday evening with your dinner drop off, and should be placed in a small refrigerator that will be provided for you. They will be chilled or microwave ready.

Note: Students who do not choose their meal preferences will receive the DEFAULT item listed.