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Special Services

CDS prides itself on customer service. We offer late-plates to student athletes and others who are unable to make house dinners. We offer Get-Well Meals to students who are sick. We offer Kosher and Halal meals and will work with any student who has other special dietary requirements. Parents may order cakes for students on their birthdays, or any other time during the year.

We aim to please and we will do our best to meet all requests.

Special Meals

Caltech Dining Services provides Halal and Kosher meals to those observing Muslim or Jewish dietary laws, we provide gluten free meals to gluten intolerant students, and we will provide a meal for any special dietary need. For more information contact our Senior Director, Jon Webster.

Special Meal Request Form 

Late Plates

Since CDS serves waited dinners, students may have to miss a meal due to time constraints or athletic commitments. CDS staff will box food for these students so that they can pick up dinner in the Red Door Marketplace on their return to campus.