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Board Funds

Your declining balance, or "Board Funds," is a debit account linked to your card that allows you to make purchases at any campus. The amount of declining balance allotted to you each term is determined by your board plan. All food purchases made with declining balance are not subject to sales tax.

Your declining balance funds for each term are accessible between the following dates:

2017-2018 School Year
Fall 2017:  09/25/17 - 12/8/17
Winter 2018:  01/03/18- 03/16/18
Spring 2018:  04/2/18- 06/15/18

You can spend your board funds at any of the CDS locations (excluding vending machines). All purchases made that exceed your allotted board funds will be charged to your student bursar's account.

Funds unused at the end of each term will be lost.

Add Funds to Your Account